My name is not Alayne, it’s Sansa Stark eldest daughter of lord Eddard Stark…Since my father was executed I’ve been a hostage in King’s Landing, a plaything for Joffrey to torture or queen Cersei to torment. They beat me, they humiliated me, they married me to the Imp. 


I feel like I’m going to be that aunt who drinks vodka straight out of the bottle and ruins Christmas.





“An abusive man may embellish his childhood suffering once he discovers that it helps him escape responsibility. The National District Attorney’s Association Bulletin reported a revealing study that was conducted on another group of destructive men: child sexual abusers. The researcher asked each man whether he himself had been sexually victimized as a child. A hefty 67 percent of the subjects said yes. However, the researcher then informed the men that he was going to hook them up to a lie-detector test and ask them the same questions again. Affirmative answers suddenly dropped to only 29 percent. In other words, abusers of all varieties tend to realize the mileage they can get out of saying, ‘I’m abusive because the same thing was done to me.’” — Lundy Bancroft, Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men (via monobey)

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idk. ignore those posts ill probs delete them later. im just feeling reflective and nostalgic and stuff i have no idea why

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but on the flip side i am growing up. i have a stable group of friends which is partly because i live w/ a lot of them so the relationships HAVE to be static and relatively drama free 

and im also in supportive and stable committed relationship which is something i havent seriously done since i was like 17.

like honestly i really am growing up and its crazy and scary and cool all at the same time 

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highschool i had almost an entirely different group of friends every year i was there and i have no idea why. none of them really ended in bad blood (i can only think of one instance where it did and i was 14 so you cant hold it against me really). i just kinda bounced around a lot. idk.

how normal is this though? like i know a lot of change happens between age 11-18 because everyone is discovering ~~who they are~~ and stuff so a certain amount of change in friends is unavoidable. but honestly a different friend group every year is insane and idek why??

like i do similar things with my relationships where i stick around for the fun flirty part and when it gets boring i move on so idk maybe its ~~~who i am

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honestly the biggest challenge in my life is maintaining friendships with people who are overly peppy/happy/nice etc

like dont get me wrong i think its an attractive quality and im honestly really drawn to people who give off that sort of vibe (probably bc its something i could never achieve) but its exhausting maintaining friendships with them because im just so prone to bad moods and depressive periods that it makes me hate myself to be around people who are just so effortlessly happy

what im saying is miserable moody pessimistic assholes are my kind of people


I get really pissed off when people think Zayn isn’t the hottest member of One Direction like why are people taste so bad? Why would you pick the frog prince Harry? Why do you think that blonde hobbit is cute? You could swap Liam with an Enchilada and it would take 45 minutes to notice, and whats that others ones name? 

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